Top 10 Resorts in Kausani

Things to do in Kausani

Kausani is a charming little town located in Uttaranchal’s Kumaon region. It offers spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks of Panchchuli, Nandakot, Nanda Devi, Trishul, Nanda Gunti, and Chaukhamba.With soft golden light of the morning sun creating magic over the peaks if the weather is good, you can witness the best sunrise of your life here.If you are looking for a serene, comfortable, and delightfully charming holiday in Kausani, Himalayan Darshan Resort Kausani comes under Top 10 Resorts in Kausani, is a haven of peace, comfort, and charm.

Some of the tourist attractions are listed below-

Kot Bhramri Temple

Kot Bhramri Temple

Kot Bhramari Temple is situated on the top of a hill within a fort. Located in Bageshwar District, it is also known as Kote-ke-mai, or Bhramari Devi temple. Legend corroborates the belief that Adi Guru Shankaracharya made a stay here on the way during his journey to Garhwal region.

Located at a distance of 5 km from the town, the temple serves as the venue for organising a yearly fair on Nanda Ashtami in the month of Bhadrapad August. During the festival of Nanda Ashtami, or nanda raj Jat, the Goddess, Bhramari is taken for the yatra. During the yatra, the goddess joins the main procession at Nandkesari on the banks of river Pinder.

It is located at the top of a mountain enclosed by a fort. Known popularly as Bhramari Devi or Kote-ke-mai temple, its key feature is its main deity, Goddess Bhramari, who is facing north. From the south direction of the temple, devotees offer prayers. During a grand fair held annually during August, the idol is taken out in a procession adorned by celebrations all through the surrounding regions.

Baijnath Temple

Baijnath is 16km from Kausani, a famous temple town on the banks of the Gomti in the Garuda Valley. In this temple complex the main attraction is the black stone idol of Parvati at the main entrance. Though fishing is strictly prohibited within the campus, you can feed them with a large packet of channa. A Kali temple is located 8km from Baijnath known as Kot-ki-mai. (around 22 kms from Himalaya Darshan resort Kausani)

Baijnath Temple


Rudradhari Falls and Caves in Kasauni are located at a place with terraced fields, lush green paddy fields and dense green pine forests. These magnificent waterfalls can be viewed while trekking to Adi Kailash region in the hill station of Kasauni. The Rudhadhari falls is a natural attraction here and many ancient caves are explored nearby areas. The falls impinging the valley flows from their as rivers and small springs. The puranic stories relate this place with Lord Shiv (Rudra) and Lord Vishnu (Hari). The caves are natural and very impressive. The Shiv Temple at Someshwar is situated close to the waterfalls. .(around 6 kms from Himalaya Darshan resort Kausani)

Anasakti Ashram

It is also known as Gandhi Ashram. Anasakti Ashram was built to pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi who visited this place in 1929 and described it as the ‘Switzerland of India’ after falling in love with its pristine beauty. It is here that he wrote his treatise Anasakti (‘detachment’) Yoga. The ashram is well stocked with books and photographs of Gandhi’s life. There is a small prayer room in this ashram where prayers are held every morning and evening.(around 6 kms from Himalaya Darshan resort Kausani)

Anasakti Ashram
Laxmi Ashram at Kausani

Laxmi Ashram

It is also known as Sarla Ashram. Catherine Hillman, a disciple of Gandhi who came to be known as Sarlaben founded this ashram in 1964 which overlooks the beautiful Kosi Valley. Several skills like growing vegetables, cooking, caring for the animals and cleaning are taught to over 70 orphaned poor girls and woman who live in the ashram. Lakshmi ashram is located in a quiet place up the hills which lends a serene atmosphere to the ashram. (around 6 kms from Himalaya Darshan resort Kausani)

Sumitranandan Pant Gallery

The renowned hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant was born in Kausani. Sumitranandan Pant Gallery was built to commemorate Sumitranandan Pant. The gallery houses hundred of English and Hindi books in glass cabinets. A poetry symposium is organized here every year to mark the poet’s birth anniversary. .(around 6 kms from Himalaya Darshan resort Kausani)

Sumita Nandan Pant Gallery
Kausani Tea Estate

Kausani Tea Estate

Kausani is also famous for its several tea gardens and pear orchards. Girias Uttaranchal tea is produced in 208 hectares of tea planta­tions near Kausani. You can have somebody guide you through the factory showing you how tea is manufactured in the estate. This high-flavored tea is exported to Australia, Germany, Korea and the US. (around 8 kms from Himalaya Darshan resort Kausani)

Bird Watching at Kausani

Bird Watching

An unusual and exciting experience is there for you, Resort in itself possesses varied range of birds species which can be spotted best at early morning hours. To witness birds flying at great height and speed one must not forget to carry their binoculars and cameras to capture the enchanting moments.

Village Walk

Village Walk

While experiencing a village walk one will come across stunning contour landscape with lush green fertile mountains. This exquisite walk offers oneness with village life. Fruits and vegetables of various kinds will come amidst the walk to provide a primitive experience.

Nature Trail at Kausani

Nature Trail

The richness of the place can best be explored by a nature shall come across natural vegetation all around the resort.The trees are enclosed all around the mesmerizing environment Contemplative and meditative mood are provided by this wonderful nature trail.

Reading at Kausani


The resort offers one of the opportunity to read in a calm and away from the hustle and bustle of city life .further a relaxing environment is provided by the lush green forest of oak, Rhododendron trees to enrich the contemplative reading.

Photography at Kausani


One of the best place to be captured is the scenic beauty of the resort.The lovers of photography will certainly fall in love with this place too.the resort unveils the natural beauty which one would definitely like to capture.

Kausani Sightseeing


An enriching, life-giving and breathtaking visionary moment is provided by the Himalaya Darshan Resort. It is pleasing to watch around all the time. One cannot take one’s eyes off the scenic beauty. Truly asserted ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholes’.